Discogs (Discogs is short for "Discographies") is the biggest discography in the world on the internet. Founded in June 2000 by Kevin Lewandowski the Database contains currently over 1'900'000 items, be it on Shellack, Vinyl, CD, MP3, Cassette or whatever. 317'000 different artist have their own artist page as over 41'000 record labels.

Once you create an account for free, you may maintain your personal collection in adding items already in the database to your own collection. If you've got a release not listed in the database yet you may add it, but be aware discogs is a collector site. Your new addition will be checked by voters if it's a valid addition and if it's correct.

Discogs contains a markeptlace for music like GEMM or Musicstack where sellers sell their items. It's the biggest marketplace for Vinyl, 4'900'000 items are for sale.

Once you start contributing your releases and getting your first votes (from 1 = Entirely Incorrect to 5 = Complete & Correct) you will start to look differently at your records, who was this Second Engineer exactly, where was the record produced, what means GEMA ?

Discogs is licensed to Public Domain, this means the data are available for everybody.

Of course we're active on Discogs too :)






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