GroovЭxpress No. 0073 - 22.12.2009

Quite, Sensual And Spiritual

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It's x-mas-time, we slow down a little bit. Think of your loved ones, it could be your mother, your friend or the local police station. Have a great x-mas time. All our love goes to our audience. Thanx a lot for your support. It's the reason, why we do this.

01 Johnny Guitar Watson - A Real Mother For Ya'
02 Odyssey - I Got The Melody
03 Patti Labelle And Michael McDonald - On My Own
04 Finished Touch - Need To Know You Better
05 Aretha Franklin - An Angel Cries
06 David A.Stewart Feat. Candy Dulfer - Lily Was Here
07 Tavares - Whodunit
08 Art Of Noise - Opus For Four
09 Zucchero - Mama (Madre Dolcissima)
10 Eight Wonder - I'm Not Scared
11 Earth Wind & Fire - Reasons
12 Tears For Fears - Sowing The Sea Of Love
13 The Temptations - Aiming At Your Heart
14 Jocelyn Brown - Somebody's Else Guy
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